A journey begins with the foot

Traditional Chinese foot spa

-chifoot spa uses foot therapy that practice 2000 years ago recorded in China as Natural treatment on health problems.

Fresh Ginger Foot Therapy Spa

fresh ginger is belongs to Chinese Herbal Medicine that have many Health Benefits, anti-inflamatory, contains gingerol, treat fo nausea and reduce muscle pain and soreness.

Head, Neck & Shoulder Chinese Physiotherapy

chifoot spa Chinese Physiotherapy is a traditional treatment for disease, injury or deformity. It can decreas pain and improved joint mobility , strength and coordination and cardio-respiratory functions.

Traditional Chinese Pedicure

chifoot spa performs traditional ways and techniques of pedicure based on old tradition of Chinese Culture 3000 years ago.

Fresh Ginger Knees Cover

chifoot spa use fresh ginger to cover the knees Ginger is good reduce inflammation and pain reliver for muscle pain.

Ear Cleaning and Soft Care

cleaning ears is the hard and painfull to other people we providing is as painless and efficient way to maintain you ears. Cleaning ears prevents earaches, and infections, and earwax buil-up can cause poor hearing or loss.

Fresh Ginger Foot and Knees Hot Cover Therapy Spa with Neck, Shoulder and Back Traditional Chinese Physiotherapy

chifoot spa Chinese Traditional Treatment Therapy to Indulge, Heals, Treat and Relax in Chinese Traditional Culture of Treatment.